Do not let this universe regret you

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I left most of the debris in the desert, save for the medications, pictures and letters from M. I also took the plastic grocery bags, which I untangled from the bushes and recycled on my way through Reno. It didn’t feel right to just leave them out there.
From “The Last Thing We Need” by Claire Vaye Watkins in Granta. The story is included in Watkins’s collection Battleborn, which won The Story Prize last night. Because of this news (congrats to Watkins!), there’s been a slight change of plan in the schedule. Instead of our interview with environmental reporter Justin Gillis as originally planned, we’ll talk today with Watkins about growing up in the Nevada desert, her father’s history as part of the Manson Family, and her attachment to the American West. (via nprfreshair)